The I.B.T Group provides interpretation services in the form of simultaneous, sequential or whispered translation. Our service offerings include legal translation and transcription, as well as editing literary and technical texts.

We aim to facilitate communication between companies and persons by overcoming language barriers. Enhanced communication strengthens relationships, promotes new business and aids in accurately evaluating opportunities, thus rising to today’s global challenges with dynamism.

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...The God of heavens will make us prosper ...

Nehemiah 2.20

International Business Translations

Albuquerque Lins St, 1238 - 2B
01230-000 So Paulo, SP, Brazil
+55 11 9-9904-3418
+55 11 3368-4600

Av. Manoel da Nbrega, 392 — 161
11320-200 So Vicente, SP, Brazil
+55 13 3467-7172
+55 13 9-9142-4131

In the US: +1 310 334-9164