The Company

In the year 1997, the IBT Group was simultaneously constituted in the cities of S�o Paulo and S�o Vicente, the latter being adjacent to Santos� port, the largest in South America, as the fruit of the added experience acquired in Brazil and abroad during the previous decade.

In 2005, Almir Ferreira de Castro assumed the leadership of the Commercial Department and imparted a new �lan to the Group in the face of the challenges and perspectives of the time. He strengthened not only the technical and operational bases but also our ethical and philosophical thinking.

In spite of his short stay in the company, he left as a legacy worthy principles of comradeship, honor and the consciousness of work well done. His action set the basis of our spirit of renovation. It has become the engine of our present growth.

Social responsibility

New collaborators have infused their know-how, thus contributing to the success achieved by International Business Translations through proper management, based on loyalty and the commitment to serve customers well.


We believe that creativity in the performance in the assigned tasks is a key element for success. The esprit de corps, basis of our daily work, can be found in all the congresses, seminars, conferences and colloquies which all over require our services.

The editors

International Business Translations