Translation of documents

Translation of texts include books, manuals and articles to be published in scientific magazines as well as prints out for congresses, colloquies, talks, symposia and video-conferences. Meet the modality that suits you better in one click.

Translation of texts is the basis of the daily needs of authors, teachers, artists, politicians, authorities, cultural attach�s, journalists, musicians, maestros, tourists, chief cooks, businessmen, physicians, etc.

The I.B.T Group can adopt different delivery procedures according to the complexity of the work to be done, the due date and any other special requests. For work overseas or in other regions, it is possible to obtain file transfer protocol passwords and download the files through the Internet.

Or that ...

�To translate consists in leading a specific text to the dominion of another language which is not the one in which it was written? The translation opens the window for the light to come in. It allows us to break the husk so that we may savor the almond, to draw the curtains to watch the most sacred place, to remove the lid of the well to reach the water�.

Jules Legras,
quoted in �A Tradu��o Vivida�, by Paulo R�nai.

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